BY ADMIN | NOV 11, 2020

Telcos to be pioneers in the face of digital transformation

CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) comes with a host of benefits for Telcos, enterprises and developers. Such is its popularity and value that market analysts Ovum have referred to it as “a quiet revolution” for customer experience professionals. As CPaaS continues to gain momentum and is taken up by more and more businesses, Juniper Research predicts that enterprise spending on CPaaS will quadruple to $6.7 billion by 2022.

So what about CPaaS makes it so attractive? It is accessible to both techies and non-techies alike, making it easy to use for anyone. It allows easy integration of real-time communication capabilities - such as voice, SMS, video and chatbots - into enterprise applications. From a Telco perspective, it opens up new business opportunities, including the possibility of revenue sharing with partners. Scalability and the ability to choose relevant APIs means enterprises can tailor-make solutions to suit their business needs. Taking a business global is faster and more efficient. And most importantly, CPaaS is a cost effective way to provide a more meaningful customer experience and so take your business forward.

As CPaaS is a cloud-based platform, it does not require specialised hardware. Thus, enterprises and other groups do not need to spend on developing their own infrastructure and servers, providing the added benefit of zero maintenance costs.

The APIs on offer through CPaaS provide building blocks that make the innovation process easier and more efficient. Thanks to these coding shortcuts, it is possible for anyone, regardless of technical knowhow, to engage in app creation and development. All that is required, really, is an idea. This ability for any employee to engage with the APIs, precludes the need for a specialised team, thus reducing costs.

Because these APIs are easy to use, the development process is faster. Many companies have been able to integrate engagement services into app projects in less than a day. Furthermore, studies have shown that, thanks to the various features of CPaaS, such as interactive documentation and analytics tools, the development cycle of new apps can be reduced by more than four weeks. The faster it takes to get things up and running and the less frequent the developments, the lesser the cost.

Scalability is provided through the ability to select from a range of APIs. Enterprises and companies can choose which services or channels they require, paying for only what they need. Expansion is also much cheaper, as it is possible to add more channels as and when they are required.

Much has been said about enhancing customer engagement through CPaaS, while the potential for more meaningful employee communication has often been overlooked. Using APIs for internal communications can smoothen the workflow and reduce the potential for miscommunication. Collaboration among staff can also be improved through shared online spaces, as well as options for one-click calling, video calling and messaging. The ability to use a combined platform for both external and internal communication is another way to reduce operational costs.

The analytics tools of CPaaS can be utilized to track customer engagement and identify patterns in customer behaviour. Information is provided across multiple channels and this data will help in making informed decisions to improve business. Given that these analytics tools are integrated into the platform, a separate team of analysts is not required, once more helping to keep costs down.

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