BY ADMIN | AUG 08, 2020

Be the Telco that wins the race for revenue!

It is a fast-paced world no doubt, and, with the razor sharp competition, simply keeping up is insufficient: success depends on being ahead of the game, trailblazing and innovating. It is also a fickle world and retaining customer loyalty can almost feel like going to battle. Customers need to feel they are getting the very best service available or else they will not stay.

If this is the state of business in general, it is far more acute in the Telco sector. The role and function of a Telco are changing so rapidly and more and more demands are being made by customers. The competition is intense with rival Telcos racing to outdo each other. New features, special offers, competitions, games, events - these need to be rolled out often to keep a customer interested. Tie-ups and collaborations are crucial to increase usage and generate revenue.

hSenid CPaas, an API management solution, gives Telcos that vital cutting edge to outshine their competitors. A dedicated Telco platform, its services cater to the specific needs of the sector, thus bridging the gap between Telcos and technology.

The best news for developers and Telcos alike is that the APIs offered by hSenid CpaaS are built on a do-it-yourself model. Both professionals and non-techies alike can easily develop apps. No specialised technical knowledge is required and users have complete control to manipulate it to suit their requirements. Thus, anyone who wishes to access a Telco can use it, providing a wide reach in terms of potential customers.

Telcos also have new opportunities to generate revenue through hSenid CPaaS. Given the higher potential for utilization, networks can be monetized. The ability to work with multiple partners opens up new business opportunities, thus generating alternative revenue streams. Additionally, Telcos can benefit from their partners through lucrative revenue-sharing arrangements. Simply stated, the money keeps rolling in from different channels.

hSenid CPaaS offers a number of APIS: Subscription API, OTP API, Voice API, Carrier Billing API, Multimedia API, and SMS API. Developers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable options based on their distinct context. Given this wide range, the platform can be used by multiple groups, be it individuals or tech startups, and for differing purposes, from information, to entertainment, and even learning.

Sometimes APIs can be daunting because of their complexity to integrate, explicitly requiring the expertise of an IT team. hSenid CPaaS is simple and straightforward: the APIs on offer have been abstracted in such a way that they can be easily integrated. This makes it accessible to and usable by almost anyone. So you do not have to be an IT whiz with advanced knowledge. As a specialized Telco platform, hSenid CPaaS is designed specifically for the sector and so you are guaranteed that it will meet your Telco needs. Topping it all off is that the financial benefits accrue to both the Telcos and their partners. So it is a win-win situation for all!