BY ADMIN | AUG 06, 2020

Adapting to the new normal

With 2,627,630 confirmed global cases of the novel corona virus, all business have no option but to rely on effective communication solutions in order to sustain during these trying times. CPaaS, the most suitable cloud-based solution enables developers to to add API driven communications and micro services to existing apps to ensure uninterrupted services and minimal impact to a business. All businesses and consumers are relying on digital services for information sharing, healthcare information, food and grocery delivery and also for continuity of internal business operations. That being said, CPaaS is a crucial necessity in almost every industry these days to ensure voice, SMS, email and social channels operate as usual and seamlessly navigate the challenges associated with the global pandemic.

Is the question in your mind “How is that even possible”? Well, the truth is, it is possible!


With CPaaS providing software developers with APIs, templates and tools, for developers and businesses to come up with alternatives to serve their customers and also to maintain their revenue generation without letting it drop significantly.

CPaaS also enables easy integration of communication features to applications or services thereby, allowing businesses to directly liaise with end users and consumers. Telcos can aim to deliver multiple digital communication services using a single API without a big investment or development effort. This, is most definitely the most suitable option for a majority of businesses out there, which did not use apps or technology to reach their customers before the deadly pandemic affected the world.

Until the heat of the Covid-19 wave is over and all businesses are able to resume to its usual processes and practices, core functions of a business such as sending OTP’s, two-factor authentications, verification codes, appointment reminders, food and grocery delivery confirmations and customer support will be required to be managed digitally, a CPaaS solution is the ideal way out.

It is a crucial necessity to have constant contact with your customers and one major advantage of the implementation of a cloud-based solution such as hSenid CPaaS is, businesses will be able to make maximum use of the two-way engagement enabled by the key features of CPaaS - text, video and voice messaging using different channels.

hSenid CPaaS, specialised for Telcos, is a real-time communication enabler built to bridge the gap between Tech and Telco. Regardless of whether one is a techie or not, hSenid CPaaS enables anyone to develop apps so, your customers do not need to be tech savvy and can definitely come in handy during Covid-19. It is also accessible from anywhere at any time, so anyone can be given the opportunity to build from home.

An organisation does not have to be a major player in the industry, be amongst the fortune 500 companies, or be a multinational organisation to utilise CPaaS and reap its benefits, a simple startup, an individual or even a student can use it. So, its time you you beat Covid-19!

Stay safe and keep your business safe too!