BY ADMIN | AUG 06, 2020

Adapt, Innovate, Transform

Without a doubt, Telcos have always been in the forefront of introducing innovative inventions and creating value for consumers. This is also the reason behind Telcos having to go beyond just opening up APIs! hSenid CPaaS will help any Telco adapt the upcoming digital transformation trends and ensure they stay ahead of the game by providing its Telco-specialised digital services.

hSenid CPaaS enables Telcos take the lead in accelerating revenues in the digital sphere by supporting them to go beyond APIs.

Here’s how hSenid CPaaS helps monetise the Telco digital transformation:

Enable innovation by all

Nowadays, service innovation is not applicable to or doable only by techies or nerds. Be it an entrepreneur, an amateur developer, a techie, a non-techie or even an experimenter, innovation is an option out in the open which allows anyone to put their ideas into products or services, basically, open to anyone, anywhere at anytime. If this is something you have not thought of yet, it’s high time to revamp your Telco’s API strategy and simplify it to facilitate an environment which provides an opportunity for everyone to innovate!

There’s absolutely nothing you need to worry about, all you need to do is extend your innovation capability with Web Based Wizards and Tailor-made Industry App templates.

Educate and Engage

Enabling innovation by all is one thing, but you should also ensure you have a work around to meet the prerequisites for a product or service. Customers always root for quality products and services especially if they have to spend a buck to use it. That being said, considering that the Telco API strategy is the game and the service creators are the players, Telcos cannot opt to be the spectators of the game expecting to be just the champions at the end, they should also be out in the field supporting and cheering their team of service creators to achieve the best. Telcos have to play the part of a coach - leading, educating and equipping the service creators with the tips and tricks required to tactfully tackle the game.

Go out there, meet your players and engage with them to generate a constant cash-inflow.

How do you do this? Easy. All you need is an inspirational strategy to educate and engage. Host and participate in monthly developer meetups, conduct frequent hackathons and workshops and have developer evangelists to foster and support the players on the field!

Redefined Revenue Model

Don’t let the players on the field feel challenged by your existing API Strategy i.e. charging for every API call. Instead, offer your service creators a more flexible and convenient environment to innovate on. Consider the implementation of a revenue share model which allows the service creators to earn their revenue first, then negotiate a fair share of that. This will definitely accelerate service innovation. The developers will feel comfortable to get onboard and also know that you’re a reliable Telco which they can create a sustainable business on, resulting in more shares for you too!

Don’t let your API strategy be the deal breaker! Remember the key monetising factors of Telcos enabled by hSenid CPaaS - Enable, Educate, Engage, Innovate and Share