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TADHack 2022, the most anticipated open global hackathon, is back for the 8th time. It is time for Sri Lankan innovators to build new products, acquire skills, understand technologies, win exciting prizes and expand their network.

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(for participants above 19 years old)


  • Individuals or a team with upto 5 team members inclusive of a leader can participate. Either Individual or Leader should register

  • Usage of telco services (SMS, USSD, Subscription, Add to bill Charging , IVR , Location tracking, etc.) through APIs is mandatory in the submission (Detailed idea will be explained during the webinar)

  • The final outcome must be an innovative, fully or partially working product


Webinar 01: How Telco APIs Revolutionizing Mobile & Web App Building

15th September 2022

4pm to 5pm

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