TADHACK Sri Lanka 10th Edition: Reimagine innovation at the most awaited open global hackathon on the Island.

Join forces to unleash the potential of Telco APIs together with Generative AI.

Team up and register now for an extraordinary adventure!

Light Up the Future

with Telco APIs and Generative AI

(for participants above 19 years old)


  • Individuals or teams of up to 5 members, including a leader, can participate. Either individuals or leaders should register.

  • Mandatory use of telco services (SMS, USSD, Subscription, Add to Bill Charging, IVR, Location Tracking, etc.) through IdeaMart APIs.

  • Incorporation of Generative AI is required in the project (e.g. OpenAI, MidJourney, LangChain, any LLM model)

  • Projects must showcase innovative solutions that leverage Telco APIs together with Generative AI.

  • Projects should be fully or partially working product during the final event.


Coming Soon


Earn exciting rewards!

60,000 LKR

100,000 LKR

40,000 LKR



Registration Closes

Register yourself with your team or as an individual participant by submitting your personal details on or before 10th September 2023


Submit Project Ideas

Download sample project proposal, update it and send a PDF version to on or before 15th of September 2023


Final Hack

- Do a 5 minutes presentation and demo of the working product
- Winners of TADHack Sri Lanka 2023 will be announce at 5.00 PM
- Recordings of the selected presentations will be sent for TADHack global judging

Developer Resources

Platfrom Info, Support Pages, and other useful links can be found in our dedicated developer resources section

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