CPaaS is an API management solution built to bridge the gap between tech and telco, enabling innovations and access to telco services for easy integration. CPaaS facilitates an environment for data-driven decision making with the use of analytics and insights, while providing end users a 360° view of the overall business performance.

Why CPaaS?

Generate New Revenue Streams

Enables you to work with multiple partners thus, opens up new business opportunities

Monetize Network Assets

Higher potential for Network utilization

End-to-end self service

A do-it-yourself model for anyone who wants to access telco

Get a share from your partner

Provide a service free of charge and earn by getting a share from their revenue

CPaaS End-to-End Solution for your customers

Startups / Entrepreneurs / Learning / Fun





  • Online-on-Demand - available anywhere and anytime.
  • User has complete control
  • Supports any programming language
  • Supports any testing environment
  • Streamlined workflow

Non Developer



  • Your customers needn’t be a “techie” to innovate, they can simply just bring in the idea to the table and start earning instantly.

Subscription API

Enables your customers to subscribe to your application


Enables your customers to receive OTPs

Voice API

Enables your customers to make and receive calls

Carrier Billing API

Enables introduction of a charging service

Multimedia API

Enables your customers to share


Enables two way communication between your customers and their subscriber base

What you should know about

hSenid CPaaS

400 Million +

API Calls Per Month


Month on Month Revenue Growth
(First 2 -3 Years)

30,000 +

Active Developer Community

30,000 +

Innovative Services / Applications

30 Million +

End Users

Here’s how your customers can start
earning instantly!

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Why should they go with you?

CPaaS enables you to allow your customers to:

Create an application in minutes

Go Live Instantly

Gain Revenue Instantly

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