hSenid CPaaS

Simplified APIs for Telcos and Enterprises

hSenid CPaaS is a powerful user friendly enterprise grade API management platform built to bridge the gap between tech innovations and telco, enabling innovations and access to telco services for easy integration. CPaaS facilitates an environment for data driven decision making with the use of analytics and insights

We partner with Telcos to enable them to go global, be online and to be readily accessible to thousands of enterprises, startups and even non-tech savvy SMBs by leveraging our CPaaS

Monetize with hSenid CPaaS

hSenid CPaaS is one of the leading largest, highly scalable and reliable cloud-based API management solutions in APAC powering over 30,000 applications and over 30 million end users.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Enables you to work with multiple business partners and create new revenue from local and global partnerships

Monetize Your Network More

Facilitates a higher potential for Network utilization

End-to-end self service

A do-it-yourself model for anyone who wants to access telecom capabilities online

Get a share from your business partner

Provide a service free of charge and earn by getting a share from your business partner’s revenue

CPaaS End-to-End Solution for your Business Partners

hSenid CPaaS is a carefully engineered platform built for just anyone. Be it a startup, a budding entrepreneur or an enterprise hSenid CPaaS is able to cater to their need with its unique self-service developer portal and self-service non-developer portal enabling innovation by both tech savvy and non-tech savvy individuals or enterprises who can use our wizards (templates) to manage their communication specific needs.

We provide our strategic partners - Telcos and enterprises with all necessary resources to build upon the hSenid CPaaS platform enabling you to cater exceptional services and suit your customer’s requirements.

hSenid facilitates a developer self service portal for tech-savvy enterprises and a non-developer portal with readily available assets for quick service creation via wizards, enabling simplification of innovation.


Developer Portal

The developer portal enables users to have complete control over development, programming languages and testing environments providing maximum flexibility for digital transformation of businesses.


Non-Developer Portal

The non-developer portal consists of templates which are placed at a user’s fingertips enabling them to add API-driven communications and micro services without having to build any back-end infrastructure themselves, facilitating innovation and instant revenue generation.

An Explosion of Innovation via hSenid CPaaS

Here’s how Telcos and enterprises can leverage hSenid CPaaS to enable customers business partners take advantage of the vastly simplified communications tools made accessible at their fingertips.

hSenid CPaaS APIs

Subscription API

Programatically enable your customers to easily subscribe to your application


Increase the scalability of security with dynamic OTPs and verification codes

Voice API

Powerful programmable voice calling functionality enabling your customers to make and receive calls to any country

Carrier Billing API

Let users pay for their purchases online and charge the purchase amount to the phone bill

Multimedia API

Engage with your customers and enable quick and convenient video, audio and image sharing


Programatically connect your customers with their subscriber base with two-way communication anywhere around the globe.

Here’s how we help you unveil the true potential of your Telco and enterprise by leveraging hSenid CPaaS!

Customer Testimonials

Companies trust hSenid CPaaS to power long-lasting connections with their customers enabled by easy integration, scalability, reliability and cost efficiency.


With hSenid CPaaS as our technology partner, and Ideamart's Community development team, we have built an innovation ecosystem that keeps growing each year. The combination of hSenid CPaaS and its multi-operator support has given our ecosystem access to a range of Telecom operators and their gamut of network capability services. Our platform is a launching pad for many young entrepreneurs and startups, providing lucrative sources of income for them.

Viranga Seneviratne
Head of Ideamart, MIFE & IoT


mSpace aims to make app creation as simple and as swift as possible with our Telecom APIs exposed on hSenid CPaaS. We have offered two mediums - Inzpire for developers and Xpand for non-developers - enabling our customers to build their own digital services. It is our vision to partner with more budding entrepreneurs, grassroot organizations and social service groups' to be part of our growing ecosystem. Together with hSenid CPaaS we strive to cover every part of the island enabling new sources of income for our community.

Prabhath Gamage
General Manager Innovation


Thanks to the adaptability of hSenid CPaaS our platform is used in the creation of diverse apps for a range of fields all across Bangladesh, from education and health, to agriculture and even e-laundry. These apps have provided valuable assistance and services to the wider community. We take pride in being able to play a part in uplifting our society, materially, socially and spiritually.

Faisal Ahmed
General Manager Innovation

Strategic Partnerships

We are here to help you plan, organize, develop, grow bigger and monetize existing assets and enable your Telco to be amongst the top-ranked CPaaS providers by providing powerful APIs


Dialog Ideamart


Mobitel mSpace


Robi bdapps


Vodafone Fiji


Virtual City Kenya


M1 Singapore